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It’s 34 degrees with a bit of light rain here in Cedar Rapids, a pretty crummy start to the new week. It’s even worse considering the snow that is forecast to fall out to my northwest. I hate missing snowstorms!… Load Article

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My medical diagnosis has failed to fit into a nicely wrapped package.  It could better be described as a Rubik’s Cube where the colored squares have refused to line up…despite expert hands. So at the Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer… Load Article

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For those interested the new GFS is now in good agreement with the EURO on the track of next weeks snowstorm. The GFS made a significant shift north on the path and as I fully suspected the northwest half of Iowa,… Load Article

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For most of the Midwest this is going to be a storm free weekend. A nice break after the latest storm which brought more than 2″ of rain to parts of my area. In fact, most of my area set… Load Article

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The general pattern around the Midwest is not going to be conducive for cold air masses anytime soon. The general flow aloft across the nation looks zonal and loaded with Pacific air the next 2 weeks. Polar air is locked safely… Load Article

Weather Journal

Tremendous Response at Terry Swails Rally

Thank you to everyone who came out tonight.  I had folks from Chicago, Des Moines, Galena and the Quad Cities show their support tonight and I am honored and humbled that they would take the time to join me.  Here’s a clip of some of the festivities.  Tomorrow..full board weather on  Hang onto your hats folks…you’re going to have the weather ride of a lifetime! Roll  Weather! TS

About Terry Swails

Terry Swails

Born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa

Terry Swails has been a television meteorologist in the Midwest since early 1977. He began his broadcasting career at KWWL-TV and has also been employed by KDUB-TV, KWQC-TV, and WQAD-TV, where he has been the prime time meteorologist for the last 5 years.

A popular fixture in Quad Cities television since 1986, Terry's passion and commitment to weather is well known. Aside from his television duties, He produces forecasts for the Quad City Times, a number of Quad City radio stations, and does work as a private consultant.

An avid storm chaser, Terry spent a week with legendary forecaster Tom Skilling in search of tornadoes in 2010. They saw their first tornado together (a violent multi vortex EF3) outside Wakita, Oklahoma. Terry and well known storm chaser Jim Reed also watched the eye of Hurricane Irene go directly overhead on the shores of Coney, Island in 2011.

With his vast knowledge of weather and unique perspective, Terry is also the author of several books. His first Superstorms was completed in 2005. He followed that up with Un-Natural disasters in 2008, and All I want to for Christmas is to see a Tornado in 2011. Terry collaborated with his wife Carolyn Wettstone on the last 2 books and has utilized her experience as a writer and former television anchor in a number of weather related projects.

Terry says he hasn't met a storm he didn't like. Tornadoes and snowstorms are his bread and butter and predicting the atmosphere is a challenge that never gets old.

Terry says this web site is a compilation of his life long love affair with weather. He points out "I put everything I would want as a meteorologist into the site. It's fun, informative, and even educational." He also adds, "I hope you find it enjoyable as well!"


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